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 moments of creation... Formed on electrically powered wheels... All items are fired in traditional kilns...


Clay is made by mixing just soil and water in a kneading machine. The soil is found exclusively in places on the island of Crete. (photo 1)

All items are formed on electrically powered wheels, which allow smoother and faster shaping without changing the traditional features of the products.

Pots are made progressively by adding zones called “stomoses” from the bottom to the top. (photo 2)

They are placed in the sun to dry for up to 4 days, depending on their size and the air temperature. During the rainy winter months the drying is done indoors with the help of special ventilators. (photo 3)

The ceramics are fired in traditional kilns that are burnt with olive seeds. The firing ranges from 1030 to 1050 degrees Celsius and lasts approximately 10 hours. (photo 4)

Twelve hours after the baking procedure, the pots are taken out of the kiln and filled with water. This stage lasts at least 6 hours and is essential, as it helps them become impermeable and durable.